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Find out what baked goods are on the menu in Warren, RI

Do you like crepes and muffins? What about cookies and banana bread? Every day, we're baking classic favorites like these in Warren, RI. The team at Cafe Water Street loves baking, and we do it the old-fashioned way - without using mixes, frozen ingredients or microwave shortcuts. We prepare baked goods in small batches to serve some of the freshest sweet treats.

Enjoy a Sweet or Savory Crepe and a Coffee with a view

Start your day with breakfast at our local coffee shop in Warren, RI

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Get to know the team at Cafe Water Street

Our owner, John, opened our local coffee shop and bakery in 2013. Since then, our team has been:

  • Making lots of baked goods and about 150 crepes per day
  • Serving delicious treats year-round
  • Staying open until 10 p.m. seven days a week

Whether you're looking for breakfast or a late-night dessert, we'll have something fresh out of the oven for you. Call 401-245-7071 today to order takeout.

Would you like a coffee with that?

You can also order a steaming, aromatic drink or an iced coffee at our local coffee shop. We make coffee, espresso, cappuccinos and lattes to order. We've chosen ingredients we love, like Coastal Roasters LLC beans and Ghirardelli chocolate. Stop by now to get your coffee quickly. You're always welcome to settle in and relax in our outdoor seating area, too.